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Free financial modeling training course

Education training learning online course.

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This post goes beyond the usual gibberish and explore practical Financial Modeling as used by Investment Bankers and Research Analysts. In this Free Online Training Course, I will take an example of Colgate Palmolive and will prepare a full integrated financial model from scratch.It is the task of building an abstract representation (a model) of a real world financial situation. This is a mathematical model designed to represent (a simplified version of) the performance of a financial asset or portfolio of a business, project, or any other investment. This is a general term that means different things to different users; the reference usually relates either to accounting and corporate finance applications, or to quantitative finance applications.In simple terms, it means forecasting the future of the company or an asset by way of an Excel Model that is easy to understand and perform scenario analysis. In the context of our discussion here, we will discuss this with respect to the forecasting of the future financials of the company. This free online training course will help you forecast the financial statements of the company i.e. Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flows. The excel model is also known as an Integrated Financial Statements Model.

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